Alkaline drinking water. What is worth knowing about its consumption

High-quality alkaline drinking water it is characterized by a high pH (higher than 7.5, most often 9, while the pH of ordinary water is around 7), which helps maintain the acid-base balance of the entire body. All types of acid-base disorders usually result from an unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity, lack of sleep or exposure to constant stress. In addition, drinking alkaline water turns out to be an extremely effective way to better hydrate our body, which becomes especially important during intense physical exercise or high temperatures. Therefore, it is worth finding out when and how to consume alkaline water to fully experience all its health-promoting properties.

When is it worth drinking alkaline water?

Due to the high pH of alkaline water, it is not recommended to consume it during or immediately after meals. This is because the pH of gastric juice oscillates between 1.5-3.5, and its increase could negatively affect the entire digestion process. For this reason, drinking alkaline water is great on an empty stomach, for example shortly after waking up. Then it effectively helps to better hydrate the body and start a new day in a good mood. In addition, water with a high pH is an ideal choice for a longer walk or training at the gym or at home. Research conducted by the AWF Institute in Katowice using Alcalia water confirms that alkaline water:

  • hydrates very well during exercise,
  • effectively reduces metabolic stress,
  • affects faster fat burning due to better use of fats instead of carbohydrates in long-term exercises.
What is worth knowing about drinking alkaline water?
What is worth knowing about drinking alkaline water?

As a result, alkaline water consumed during various types of training or other forms of physical exercise will help to replenish adequate hydration more quickly, which in turn will increase the body’s efficiency and our better well-being.

Who can consume alkaline drinking water?

Alkaline water obtained from natural deep-sea springs is a noteworthy proposition both for people who lead an intense lifestyle and are physically active, as well as for those who would like to take better care of their health and improve hydration. For this reason, alkaline water is very suitable for all adults who do not suffer from kidney problems or serious stomach diseases. Moreover, due to the increased amount of minerals, we should not drink any types of medications with alkaline water, as it may weaken their absorption. It is worth mentioning that there are no contraindications to the use of alkaline water by pregnant women, who should take special care of proper hydration at this stage of their lives.

When choosing alkaline water for drinking, it is also worth making sure that it has certificates confirming its pH level, which largely determines the health-promoting properties of each water. Therefore, a noteworthy proposition is, among others, Alcalia water, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by both certificates and tests conducted by an independent Institute. Thanks to this, we will be sure that we are investing in high-quality alkaline water, which, when used regularly, will help maintain the healthy condition of the entire body.

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