Facial yoga before and after – what are the effects?

You can take care of your appearance yourself – in a natural, safe, and effective way. Instead of Botox, you can use facial yoga. You don’t have to resort to regular visits to a dermatologist or beautician. You don’t have to spend hundreds of zlotys on cosmetics whose performance leaves much to be desired. And most importantly – you can do it in less than 10 minutes a day, thanks to child’s play exercises…

What is facial yoga?

Facial yoga is a set of exercises aimed at strengthening facial muscles and improving circulation and skin elasticity. The exercises include various breathing techniques, massage, and manipulation of facial muscles and skin. You can use facial yoga as a complement to traditional skin care, which can provide you with a natural, non-invasive way to improve the appearance of your face.

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Facial yoga – before and after effects

Your body is covered with approximately 2 square meters of skin, of which only 4.5% is on your face. However, it is this part that is most exposed to the negative effects of external factors, caused by changes in the seasons.

Your facial skin is unique: it is the thinnest and has the most nerve endings and sebaceous glands. It is also the most expressive part of your body. Every day you make a huge number of facial movements – you express thoughts, emotions, and current comments on the ongoing situation, i.e. what we call non-verbal communication.

There are over 50 facial muscles, of which more than 40 contribute to facial movements (we call them facial or expressive muscles). In most cases, they are attached to the skin by at least one attachment. The tension of these muscles (also at rest) combined with the skin’s natural elasticity for a given age gives the face a specific appearance.

When we start working with them, they increase in volume and tension. They push the facial skin from the inside and act as a natural lifting.

The effect of facial yoga exercises:

  • smoothing wrinkles
  • improving circulation
  • cheeks flushing
  • rested skin

Yoga for the face costs nothing. You can do the exercises in the morning and evening before applying cosmetics, in the car, on a walk, in front of the computer or TV. They involve tensing and relaxing muscles, dilating the eyes, sticking out the tongue, puffing out the cheeks, pursing the lips or smiling broadly, exaggeratedly. To see the effects quickly, it is worth modifying your diet.

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How long does it take to see the effects of facial yoga?

The time it takes for facial yoga results to become visible may vary from person to person. After about 4-6 weeks of regular exercise, it brings the first results, e.g. facial relaxation. However, the full results of training, such as reducing wrinkles, and improving skin elasticity or facial contour, may be noticeable only after a few months. Be regular and persistent, and the benefits of facial yoga will come.

Can facial yoga be harmful?

There are several factors that can potentially harm you:

  • Inappropriate or too intense exercise may cause tension or injury to the facial muscles.
  • Conducting facial yoga sessions too frequently in a short period of time can overload the facial muscles and lead to muscle tension.


If you have any concerns or problems with facial yoga, you can consult a physiotherapist or yoga instructor, for example.

How to prepare for facial yoga?

Preparing for face yoga requires a few simple steps:

  • Choose a quiet, peaceful place where you can concentrate on your facial exercises.
  • Take a comfortable position – straighten your back.
  • Quiet your mind and concentrate on the present moment.
  • Warm up, e.g. by gently massaging your face.
  • Check out the exercises you can do. Learn proper breathing techniques.
  • Wash your face and place your hair away from the exercise area.
  • You can use special butter or facial massage oil to ease the movements of your hands and fingers.
  • Perform facial yoga regularly – at least several times a week.

Facial yoga – exercises

Oto some basic exercises that we can do at home. You will need willingness and a few minutes.

Facial yoga for beginners

Take a lot of air and push it into your cheeks. Hold the air and move it from side to side several times. Do not breathe while performing the exercise. Repeat 3-4 times.

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Facial yoga – nasolabial folds

Open your mouth and pull your upper lip over your upper teeth and your lower lip over your lower teeth. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Facial chin yoga

Turn your head to the right and lift your chin towards the ceiling. Looking up, open your mouth, touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth and swallow. Repeat on each side 3 times.

Facial yoga – hamsters

Turn your head to the right and lift your chin towards the ceiling. Looking up, open your mouth, touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth and swallow. Repeat on each side 3 times.

Facial yoga – lion’s wrinkle

Place your fingers in a “V” shape in the center of your forehead. Gently stretch the skin down and lift your eyebrows at the same time. Hold for 10 seconds, then release. Repeat 10 times.

Facial yoga – bags under the eyes

Look to the right, return to the center, and look to the left. Don’t move your face or neck. Repeat 5 times. Finally, close your eyes, squeeze your eyelids tight and “look” at the tip of your nose. Hold for 5–10 seconds.

Facial yoga after 40

Pull your cheeks into the center of your mouth, then widen your lips to create a “fish” shape. Hold for 5 seconds, then repeat 10 times.


Facial yoga is a natural lifting that will emphasize your natural beauty and surprise you with the effect of young, radiant skin. Instead of Botox, a relaxing ritual at home? Yes! You only need a few moments a day for facial yoga.


Does facial yoga really work?

There is little research on the effectiveness of facial yoga. However, there is a large group of people who, after regular training, have noticed an improvement in the appearance of their skin and its elasticity.

How long does it take to see the effects of facial yoga?

The time it takes to notice the effects of facial yoga may vary depending on the person and the regularity of the practice. Some people may notice the first positive changes after just a few weeks of systematic exercise. Generally, after about 10-12 weeks of regular practice, you can notice effects such as smoothing out wrinkles, improving facial contours, and reducing swelling.

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Does facial yoga rejuvenate you?

Facial yoga is a technique that aims to strengthen and tone the facial muscles by performing specific exercises. Regular exercise can help prevent and fight some signs of skin aging, including wrinkles, loss of firmness, and sagging facial muscles.

There are insufficient studies that clearly confirm that facial yoga can rejuvenate facial skin. Effects may vary depending on the individual and level of commitment to the practice.

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