Full Moon in Leo – Fulfillment of the vision

On January 25, we will have the first full moon this year, namely the full moon in proud and brave Leo. The Sun will be in the innovative and tolerant sign of Aquarius, and the Moon will be in the sign of the creative and self-confident Leo.

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What connects them?

Each full moon is, by its nature, a high-pressure event, as the lights (Sun and Moon) are placed in a disharmonious aspect of opposition that is usually around full irritability and insomnia.

During this full moon, it is worth reflecting on the following topics of conflict (maybe only apparent) between individualism and community:

  • The lion’s share of us can be challenged at times if needed
    recognition conflicts with the desire for equality and social justice
  • The Aquarius archetype, on the other hand, may sometimes need to balance its own
    independence with the need for cooperation and social involvement.

How can I be an integral part of the larger community while still loving myself and staying true to my values?

What if by taking care of myself, I take care of my community?

What if I take care of myself, I take care of the whole world?

full moon in lion


Take a piece of paper and answer the questions. No judging, no second thoughts. Write down everything that comes to your mind first.

  1. What does society think about people who put themselves first?
  2. What would happen if everyone took care of themselves first? If everyone was calm and filled, and didn’t expect filling from others?
  3. When you think that you could always put yourself first in your life, what do you feel?
  4. Why you might fail?
  5. What scares you about it?
  6. How would your mother/sister/friend react to this?
  7. How would your dad/brother/boss/husband/ex react to this?
  8. What would you think about yourself then?
  9. What beliefs do you need to let go of to start putting yourself first in your life?
  10. How will you feel then?
  11. What will your dream day look like when you finally become the most important person in your life?
  12. What will your relationships look like when you start putting yourself first?
  13. What decision do you make?

Once you have answered these questions, also complete the quiz, which will help you find a method of working with the body that is right for you. Answer 4 questions to receive a personalized yoga or meditation program for your needs.

Other aspects

Jupiter, the planet of magnification, will be making a square aspect (challenge/motivation/pressure) to both the Moon and the Sun during the full moon and as a result we may tend to exaggerate and overestimate ourselves, but this aspect can also motivate us to grow and leave places that they are no longer comfortable for us and we have outgrown.

Moreover, it will be a very good time to think about what’s next and to create a financial plan for the near future, because as many as 3 personal planets are in Capricorn. Moreover, Jupiter will form a trine to Venus in Capricorn, so focusing on finances may be very fruitful, as it favors pragmatic matters and solutions.

As usual, before we make investments or take bold steps, it is worth first building a financial cushion, i.e. an amount that will allow us to survive 6 months without work. It is worth emphasizing here that procrastination is a habit. And even the smallest amount counts.

Since the Sun is in freedom-loving Aquarius and the Moon is in enterprising Leo, you can also consider what I need to become financially independent or financially free. Because sometimes we just want to have a lot, and we don’t think about why and how much we would actually need.

Another extremely important aspect will be the conjunction of Pluto and the Moon, and thus the opposition of Pluto to the Moon, which may introduce a dynamic balance between emotional needs and transformational processes.

full moon in lion

Pluto also represents control and strength. In conjunction with the Sun, these features can influence your approach to life, giving you the need to control your own fate and the tendency to seek profound changes in your life.

Pluto in Aquarius

Moreover, Pluto has been in the sign of Aquarius for several days and will remain there for the next 20 years (with small breaks).

Pluto in Aquarius is an astrological phenomenon that carries the potential for profound social transformation and innovation. Pluto was last in Aquarius in the years 1777-1799, which was a period known for the French Revolution and other important socio-political changes.

Nowadays, Pluto passes through Aquarius again, and this may mean dynamic changes in society. During the previous transition in the 18th century, revolutionary political, social and cultural changes occurred, opening the way to new ideas and values.

Nowadays, we can expect similar topics related to social progress, technological innovation, and the pursuit of equality. Pluto in Aquarius prompts revolutionary thoughts and actions, encouraging us to rethink traditional structures and seek new forms of social order.


It is worth noting that this is also a period in which technology can play a key role in social transformations. Innovation, social movements and scientific progress can become the engine of change, and society can turn its attention to issues related to equality, freedom and justice.

To take advantage of this period, it is worth being open to new ideas, engaging in social initiatives, broadening your thinking horizons and being ready for change. This is a great time to develop skills related to modern technologies, support social innovation and actively participate in discussions about progress and equality. Pluto in Aquarius can be a catalyst for positive social change, and we can be active participants in it.

The next Full Moon in Leo will bring you:

  • Focus on yourself and your affairs.
  • Feeling lonely and lonely in the most important matters and decisions.
  • The desire to live in harmony with yourself and with others.
  • Laziness.
  • The desire to pamper yourself.

How to use the energy of fullness in a useful way?

  • Consider your most important values.
  • Carefully analyze the price you have to pay to live in harmony with yourself. Is it really that big?
  • Don’t be afraid of your originality.
  • Create!
  • Write down your desires, just YOURS (not your parents, boss, etc.).
  • Think about how you can achieve them, maybe they are closer than you think.
  • Set your priorities for the next quarter, taking into account your biggest dreams.

Full moon in Leo – how to use its energy to work with the body?

  • Play!
  • Take care of your chest and thoracic spine, as it is the archetypal lion’s body part.

I wish you a successful full moon!

If you feel like practicing yoga in harmony with the phases of the moon, the full moon in Leo is a great opportunity to make friends with yoga. We have a challenge for you To the moon and backwhich you will find inPortalYogi – Studio Yogi Online. Jump on the mat and start developing through yoga practice!

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