Happy mind, or how to shape happiness

You can change your thoughts for the better

What you think is what you become.
What you feel is what you attract.
What you imagine is what you create
— Buddha

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Happy mind, or how to shape happiness

what is happiness?

For many years I have been experiencing numerous events, often occurring synchronously, I manifest what I want and I very quickly realize my goals and dreams.

Some might call me lucky, but my success in life has nothing to do with luck.

It is the result of self-knowledge, deep inner peace, clarity of mind and pure intentions flowing from the heart.

I achieve this state by daily cleansing my body and mind and using the tools I describe in this book.

Program Mindless

By implementing the Mindless program, you will quickly notice that whenever you are in harmony with yourself, when you act with a calm mind and a pure heart, driven by noble motives, when you cultivate high vibrations, you will experience a set of circumstances in your life so favorable that it would be tempting to call them a miracle. .

Even though they are not a miracle, of course. They are the result of natural phenomena that occur at the energetic level, directly related to the frequency of your thoughts and emotions. That is why recognizing the mind is so important in the Mindless program.

You need to know what's going on in your head. This is the part of Mindless that I put the most emphasis on, because this knowledge will allow you to transform unfavorable content into constructive ones – and positively influence your own life.

YES! You have such POWER! Your thoughts and emotions influence your actions and choices. Your choices shape your reality. Your reality affects the quality of your life.

THOUGHT is creation EMOTION is vibration VISUALIZATION is manifestation. It's all connected and you have control over everything.

The first step to a successful life

The first step to a successful life is to notice the life scenario you are imagining, the reality created by your thoughts, what you sabotage, what you deny, what you are afraid of, what holds you back, what you repress. Do you understand how important this is?

The mind is often depicted as an iceberg. We only notice the proverbial tip of it, the rest remains hidden, invisible, unrecognized. We are aware of only five percent of what drives us, influences our actions, choices and reactions. The remaining ninety-five are the subconscious, which hides the memories, codes, conditions and preferences that cause us.

In the process of meditation, when the mind goes beyond its usual state of functioning, when the brain waves switch to the alpha frequency, i.e. relaxation, or theta, i.e. very deep relaxation, not only do we begin to see what is conscious better, but we also gain access to it , what is hidden.

Images and memories appear, content buried in the subconscious comes to light. Through regular observation, you recognize them, become aware of them, and can cleanse and neutralize them. You can also transform them. You are not a slave to old, borrowed or encoded thought patterns or unfavorable beliefs. You can change your life for the better by changing your thoughts for the better.

Change your thoughts for the better

This revolutionary discovery was brought about by brain research in the 1970s. Scientist Jeffrey Schwartz discovered that there is so-called neuroplasticity of the brain, i.e. the ability to change the content produced by the mind.

It offers phenomenal possibilities and clearly shows how incredibly important it is to regularly observe the mind and transform your thoughts and learn to feel positive emotions.

Traditional meditation will allow you to recognize the content produced by the mind, heart coherence techniques (e.g. gratitude or loving kindness meditation, to mention just two of many), reprogram it, change your feeling, and raise the level of vibration. It's easily accessible to everyone.

Create your own reality

In this book, I will teach you how to create your own reality from the level of higher vibrations. Courageously, without fear, without “I won't succeed”, “I don't deserve”, “I can't”. These are just thoughts. Change them. You can.

What is perceived and realized can also be transformed. You can start right away. Redirect your energy to positives. And it's not about magical positive thinking, but about noticing what is good in the reality around you. Yogis have been cultivating contentment, or santosha, since the beginning of time.

This is one of the basic recommendations for beginners jogicontained in the Yoga Sutras written 2500 BC, part of the training to which we subject the mind in yoga.

This makes deep sense, because contentment brings inner peace. It is an antidote to desires. If you are satisfied with what you have and do not want it to be different, then you are a happy person. You lose the huge emotional and thought burden associated with the need to influence reality, change other people or events – everything that cannot be changed or at most only to a small extent. We can change our internal landscape, but not our circumstances.

happiness bookWhat yogis have known and practiced for thousands of years is making a splash today as heart coherence practices, including the above-mentioned gratitude meditation, a simple way to induce contentment.

It is even said that it is the shortest path to happiness. When you start consciously focusing on the bright side of the present, you give your brain a kind of training that will help you learn to feel more positive emotions.

The fragment comes from Kasia Bem's book “Happy mind. “Think with your heart”

happiness book

Kasia Bem

Yoga, breathing and meditation teacher (her stress relief session can be found at PortalYogi – Online Yoga Studio). Author of the best-selling books Happy Life, Happy Detoks and Happy beauty.

With his knowledge and experience, he has been inspiring thousands of people for years to change their habits and live a harmonious, balanced life. For years, he has been conducting away workshops and free lectures and meditations, training companies in the field of body and mind well-being, and appearing at development events and in the media as an expert.

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