New Moon in Capricorn – At the foot of the mountain

Have a wonderful New Year! On January 11, 2024, the first new moon in Capricorn this year will take place. This new moon will take place in disciplined and hard-working Capricorn, so it’s a brilliant time to think about where we want to be in a year and how to get there.

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Capricorn, or who or what?

During the new moon, the Sun and the Moon will naturally be in Capricorn, as well as Mars and Pluto (on the border with Aquarius; If planets had legs, one Pluto leg would definitely be in Aquarius).

Therefore, in order to make the most of the upcoming new moon, it is worth considering the meaning of the Capricorn archetype.

Capricorn is the X sign of the zodiac, it represents the earth element and the cardinal (initiating) quality. Capricorn is associated with the pursuit of success and achievement. Archetypal, Capricorns show strong ambition, hard work and the ability to consistently pursue their goals. They tend to plan for the long term and focus on building a solid foundation for future achievements.

New Moon in Capricorn

Therefore, the time of the new moon in Capricorn is brilliant for making long-term plans and breaking them down into smaller, easier to achieve goals. Archetypal Capricorns, because they are characterized by a high level of discipline, systematicity and perseverance in action. They may be very committed to their work and can easily take on even very difficult or long-lasting challenges. Capricorn is associated with a sense of responsibility, both towards oneself and others.


Emotions during this new moon will definitely take second, if not even distant, place. On the podium of Capricorn’s desires will be growth and development (which will be strongly supported by the trine between Mars and Jupiter and in sextile to Saturn), social position and professional and financial fulfillment.

There is no denying that the new moon in Capricorn is also a very good time to plan your budget and make a financial plan for the next year. The creature, which was called Capricorn, had the body of a goat and the tail of a fish. It was carried to the heavens in this form by Zeus himself. It was supposed to be a reward for their ingenuity in hiding from the Titans in the Nile.

However, not only this mythological creature is worthy of representing the X sign of the zodiac. Amalte – a goat that fed the most important God on Olympus with its own milk, whose horn later became a cornucopia, is a great metaphor for the ease with which Capricorns, representatives of the most advanced earthly phase, acquire material goods. An equally accurate metaphor for the disposition of this sign is the mountain goat, which achieves its goal with full concentration, carefully but consistently. Regardless of the area in which it is located.


Capricorn is a sign that reflects a practical approach to life. Archetypal Capricorns are usually realists, attaching importance to facts and a sober view of the world. They can make wise choices and make decisions based on logical thinking. Therefore, it is worth planning your goals based on realism and our processing capacity.

Because it is very easy to set a goal, but will it be realistically achievable? I would also like to point out that setting a goal and striving to achieve it on your own does not neutralize the activities of manifestation, visualization or affirmation. On the contrary! Because the highest form of trust is action. You decide, you act, and the universe does the rest.🙂

Moreover, it is worth making a plan for each area of ​​life that is important to you. If you compare our time to a jar that has a predetermined volume, exactly like time, you can notice a certain tendency. It is in our nature to focus on small matters, from the perspective of life, on trivial things, leaving fundamental matters for an unspecified “later”.

It’s as if we first poured gravel and small stones into our jar, which consequently leads to the fact that the large stones do not fit. However, if we start with the larger pieces, the smaller ones will arrange themselves and find their place. Therefore, it is worth planning now what “more time with children” will look like and how long it will last, as well as how I plan to take care of my relationships, friendships and retraining.

New Moon in Capricorn

Here is a small cheat sheet from the SMART criteria that will help you create achievable

S (Specific) – Concrete

Goals should be clearly defined and specific. The more precisely you describe your goal, the easier it will be to understand and achieve it. For example, instead of learning a foreign language, I will learn English at B2 level, which I will confirm with a certificate.

M (Measurable) – Measurable

Goals should be measurable so that progress and success can be determined. Establishing a measure of success will help you track your progress toward your goal. E.g. Instead of: I will be rich, I suggest: I will put PLN 50 in an envelope every month or I will buy a gold coin every month.

A (Achievable) – Achievable

Goals should be realistic and achievable. While it is important to set ambitious goals, it is important to remember that goals should be achievable given your resources and skills. E.g. Instead of traveling around the world, I suggest planning a real trip, at a specific, real time, for a price that can be paid.

R (Relevant) – Relevant

Goals should be relevant and related to the main priorities, values ​​or plans of the person or organization. They should provide value or support the achievement of larger goals. E.g. If my main goal is to buy a flat, I do not plan equally large expenses.

T (Time-bound) – Time-bound

Goals should be stated with a clear deadline or time frame. Setting a deadline helps in planning activities and motivates you to act. For example, I give myself 6 months to learn English to level B2.

And I understand (the new Capricorn archetype a little less) that many people visualize, affirm and have no limits in their manifestations, but sensible planning and creating an action plan does not exclude the possibility of small or larger miracles :).

new moon from the sign of capricorn

It is also worth being open to them, but it is unreasonable to count on miracles to cover all our needs. Therefore, it is worth creating a canvas for them with habits, plans, decisions and goals so that they can start happening.

The mountains never end

It is also worth remembering that when we climb one peak, we will see others that we have not seen before and which we will probably also want to conquer. It is exactly the same with achieved goals or dreams. New ideas always appear after a momentary sense of fulfillment. And it’s completely natural. However, it sometimes happens that while achieving new goals, we forget how important it is to enjoy what we already have and enjoy the journey to the top.

It seems trivial, but as we often tell ourselves, only when I achieve X will I be happy and rest. And it turns out that when you achieve X, you start dreaming about Y and this item on the list turns out to be the one that brings happiness. This journey may have no end.

What if you can be happy now and be glad that you can set such ambitious goals at all?

As a question summarizing 2023 and opening 2024, I propose: HOW CAN IT BE EVEN BETTER? – And yes, you can let your imagination run wild here😉

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Catch your dreams

And now that the fantasy has been released, we can continue the further interpretation of the new moon horoscope in this vein. The new moon in Capricorn will be influenced by the harmonious aspect (sextile) of the patron of dreams, but also of illusions, or Neptune, who will probably soften the disciplined Capricorn a little and add creativity.

It can also stimulate our dreaminess and intuition. Uranus, the patron of rebellion and revolution, will also trine the new moon, and although it may increase nervousness and impulsiveness, it will also help us get out of the corset of social expectations.

If you have created your list of goals or dream map, or you simply have your New Year’s resolutions, it is worth looking at them and asking yourself if this is what I really want? Do I want this? Are these MY dreams? Maybe they are just a social norm, a desire of society, or something else.

To help yourself achieve your resolutions, goals and dreams, it is worth considering who is the version of me that already has everything I want?

Answer a few questions

Once you know what you want, e.g. a healthy and strong body, knowledge of 18 languages, the love of your life, a great job for $X per month, answer the following questions IN WRITING:

new moon ibex

  1. What does a typical day look like for this new version of me who has achieved everything I ever dreamed of?
  2. What does this new version of me think about myself? How does he relate to himself? How does he take care of himself?
  3. What specific actions does this version of me take to achieve its goals? What are her daily habits and routines?
  4. How does this version of me manage my time and priorities? What strategies does he use to use his time more effectively?
  5. What does this version of me dress like? What is her style of dress and how does it reflect her confidence and achievements?
  6. How does this version of me make decisions? What decision-making methods are characteristic of it?
  7. How does this version of me deal with the challenges and adversities that come my way?
  8. What new skills or knowledge did this version of me acquire along the way to achieving its goals?
  9. What are her relationships with other people like? How does he cooperate with or support others?
  10. What does the romantic relationship of this new version of me look like? What are the rules in her relationship?
  11. How does this version of me nurture my physical and mental health?
  12. What can I do in 24 hours to get closer to this version of me?

If while answering these questions you managed to “feel” another version of yourself, you can return to this feeling to materialize this version even faster.

The next new moon in Capricorn will bring you:

  • The need for grounding and stabilization.
  • Interest in the matter and energy of money.
  • Motivation.
  • The desire to reach for more.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • The need for freedom.
  • The desire to cross your own limits and reach a higher level.
  • Diligence.
  • Breakthrough power.
  • Career considerations.
  • Reflecting on the meaning of a career.
  • Challenging authority figures.

How to practically use the new moon in Capricorn in your development?

  • PLAN.
  • Organize your finances.
  • Create a budget for the new year.
  • Introduce new habits.
  • Deal with your debts or arrears.
  • Verify your beliefs about money, earning money and saving it.
  • Don’t waste time on idle discussions and apparent actions.
  • See what blocks you from taking action.
  • Whose opinion are you most afraid of?
  • Think about what your mission is.
  • Analyze your life; what gifts do you give to the world?
  • Are you waiting for someone’s permission to be happy? And if so, on whose behalf?

New Moon in Capricorn – how to use energy when working with the body?

  • Take care of your spine (the most Capricorn element of the body) and joints.
  • Ground yourself.
  • Find out what winter swimming is and what benefits it offers.
  • Go to the mountains. Not only skiing or climbing, but even short walks to small hills are desirable at this time.
  • Push your limits and set new goals
  • Test your endurance.

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