What to do when you lack energy during long exercise?

Leading athletes competing in endurance disciplines care not only about training and regeneration but also about appropriate supplementation. However, even among amateurs, additional sources of energy, such as energy gels, bars, and isotonic drinks, find their use and place in training. Our attention was drawn to a range of products designed for people practicing endurance sports, which you can find in the offer of the Vitarade® brand from Fitness Authority. Why is it worth getting interested in them?

The training process is similar for many people over time. First, we focus primarily on improving results through a systematic approach. Later, more and more advanced training measures and supplementary training are introduced, and then we look for reserves in other aspects, such as diet or regeneration. In this article, we would like to draw attention to the aspect of diet, or rather, providing the body with the appropriate “fuel”, which in the case of endurance disciplines most often means the right amount of carbohydrates. The need to take them, e.g. during exercise, is appreciated especially by people who run long distances, e.g. half-marathons or marathons.

A way to fight fatigue

Why are carbohydrates so important from the point of view of runners and endurance athletes? They are a simple source of energy and are quickly absorbed by the body. As it turns out, even though carbohydrates themselves have the effect of improving training capabilities, we can also find some differences within this group of products.

In 2008, a study was conducted in which the impact of consuming high molecular weight carbohydrates (Vitargo®) with other sources of sugars on athletes’ cycling abilities was compared. As it turned out, the consumption of Vitargo® carbohydrates allowed athletes to generate, on average, over 10% more power during physical exercise and increased the total training volume by 23%.1.

According to research, the high effectiveness of preparations containing Vitargo® carbohydrates is due to their high molecular weight and low osmolarity, i.e. the number of moles of osmotically active substances in 1 liter of solution. Thanks to this, such carbohydrates leave the stomach faster than other forms and replenish energy, which allows you to fight fatigue. This also affects post-training regeneration. Studies have shown that the recovery of glycogen after consuming Vitargo® is 70% faster within 1 hour and 77% within 2 hours than after consuming the same amount of other sugars.2.


Products for endurance sports enthusiasts

We can find products based on Vitargo® on the market. They are now also available in Poland as part of the Vitarade® line, which includes energy bars, energy gels and powder for preparing an energy drink. Individual products have slightly different purposes and complement each other. For example, in the case of training or competitions in high temperatures or long-term efforts, drinks and gels are best. It is worth noting that, for example, Vitargo® Liquid Energy gel additionally contains caffeine. Scientific research has shown that consuming it during exercise helps increase the body’s capabilities – e.g. by postponing the feeling of fatigue.3.

For less intense exercises or as a form of energy replenishment before training, Vitarade® Endurance Bar energy bars will be a good choice. Apart from the Vitarade® El drink, they are a good way to replenish energy and necessary microelements after exercise. This is due to, for example, the fact that they are a source of natural minerals obtained from calcareous marine algae, including Aquamin® Sea Minerals calcium, which supports post-exercise regeneration.

There is another argument in favor of using Vitarade® products to replenish energy and necessary ingredients before, during, and after exercise. Well, this brand also supports athletes by supporting events organized for them. He is a partner of, among others, Runmageddon, the ORLEN Lang Team Race cycle race, or the Tour de Pologne Amateurs in Karpacz. Therefore, the statement that the Vitarade® supplement line from Fitness Authority is addressed to endurance sports enthusiasts gains additional justification. It is worth supporting brands that contribute to the development of sport with their involvement.

1. Stephens FB, Roig M, Armstrong G, Greenhaff PL. Post-exercise ingestion of a unique, high molecular weight glucose polymer solution improves performance during a subsequent bout of cycling exercise. J Sports Sci. 2008 Jan 15;26(2):149-54.
2. Leiper JB, Aulin KP, Söderlund K. Improved gastric emptying rate in humans of a unique glucose polymer with gel-forming properties. Scand J Gastroenterol. 2000 Nov;35(11):1143-9.
3. Ganio, Matthew S; Klau, Jennifer F; Casa, Douglas J; Armstrong, Lawrence E; Maresh, Carl M. Effect of Caffeine on Sport-Specific Endurance Performance: A Systematic Review. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 23(1):p 315-324, January 2009.

The article was developed in cooperation with the Vitarade brand®.

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